Temp Screening / Access Management

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Temp Screening / Access Management

With industries concerned about maintaining a safe work environment and knowing who is entering their facilities, LifeMedID has partnered with EloTouch Solutions on unique and robust Temperature Scanning Solution. Leveraging our legacy of Identity Authentication and Integrations to existing systems, we have build a forward-looking solution that is easy to use, maintains records of interactions and can fit into work environments across many industries. From HealthCare to Retail to Logistics, the LifeMedID solution can be quickly deployed and fit nicely into any existing architecture.


  1. Pass / Fail Temperature
  2. Screening Questionnaire
  3. Access Control and Reporting
  4. Designed for Speed and Ease of Use
  5. Heavy focus on Privacy and Security
  6. Highly Configurable
  7. Ability to Integrate to Existing Back-End Systems
  8. Supports real-time dashboarding and on-demand reporting to keep accurate records
thermo check reporting

Elo I-Series for Android

  1. Powerful Android-powered compute
  2. Elo Edge Connect™ snap-on peripherals
  3. Versatile mounting options

thermo check display

Elo Floor & Countertop Stands

  1. Streamlined cable free design
  2. Available with or without a secure housing for a printer
  3. Compatible with displays mounted portrait or landscape

LifeMed ID Software

  1. Digital identity assurance
  2. Secure biometric authentication
  3. Integration to leading EMRs


Patient-Led Triage & Temperature Check

Automate triage with a patient directed thermal scan and temperate check at the point of entry. Enable quick separation of infectious and non-infectious patients increasing safety and efficiency.

Secure Biometric Authentication

Facilitate authorized access with accurate authentication to patient services with LifeMed ID’s proprietary technology.

Simple Patient Self-Service

Enable patients to check-in, verify their identity and insurance information and schedule appointments with an engaging self-serve format. Easily adapt workflows for added functionality and quick deployment.

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