Mobile Testing Optimization

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Mobile Testing Optimization

LifeMedID, in conjunction with its partner, Zebra Technologies, has developed an innovate and flexible Contact-less Mobile Testing solution. This solution satisfies the need to handle a large volume of tests across a wide array of locations while eliminating any contact between the test provider and the test recipient. In addition to promoting a heightened degree of safety for all parties, the LifeMedID solution leverages real-time communications to drive immediate identity authentication and assurance. This identity authentication allows for secure handling of the test results and integration to the care giver’s Electronic Health Records platform as well as other billing and insurance systems as well. By using unique identifier’s, the entire end-to-end process can be enabled quickly, efficiently and securely to drive scaling of testing in a variety of settings.

"No Contact" Workflow

1. Capture Data
  1. Patients with State-Issued IDs go to one line | all others go to “other line"
  2. Patient ID is presented front/back and scanned through or above car window
  3. Demographic data is captured (no key entry) and a label for specimen bag is printed and applied

2. Capture Specimen
  1. Tester swabs patient, inserts swab into pre-labeled specimen bag and seals it

3. Processing Specimen
  1. Health tech deposits container into box
  2. Patient exits
4. Specimen Results
  1. Patient can then use wristband to take next steps including downloading app, scanning QR code and looking up their preferred phone number and or email for results
  2. Results are found through LifeMed ID's application

Benefits to Our Solution

  1. Safety and security
  2. Is lightweight and streamlined, benefiting both the technicians and the users/patients
  3. Is highly configurable including both for sequence and content and can be white-labeled
  4. Can be upgraded over time to support: Advanced ID validation services, EMR integration, Payments integration, Insurance Validation, User/Patient Token Management including Biometrics, Kiosk hosted platform, and more complex workflows
  5. Can be deployed in a wide variety of mobile settings including drive-thru, on-site walk-up and in-clinic
  6. We interface with the AT&T FirstNet Network