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The Right Patient Every Time

Today's healthcare challenges are extensive, with some of the largest drivers being fraud and patient safety. Accurate identification and record matching has a consequential impact on the patient as they travel through the healthcare ecosystem and it additionally has a significant impact on your operational expenses.

Our solution, AIMe, provides absolute certainty that every patient is accurately identified at all points of care, allowing healthcare organizations to confidently welcome patients and successfully manage their identity.

Our Core Focus

AIMe's comprehensive ID platform ensures patients are accurately known at every point of care within your healthcare network

  • Patient ID

    To ensure that patients are accurately identified at all points of care. Through the use of a unique ID, patients can travel throughout the care continuum seamlessly.

  • Validation

    To ensure that a patient is who they claim to be and their demographic information is correct at the point of check-in.

  • Record Linkage

    To provide a link between a patient's ID and their records to ensure that providers are always referencing the correct information.

  • Payments

    To provide co-pay, deductibles, and amounts owed by patients, and to facilitate payments through a variety of methods and channels.

Why is AIMe So Important?

AIMe addresses your common identity obstacles and it all comes back to a simple foundation: ensuring that the right patient is associated to the correct information at every point of care.
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Patient Experience
Bad Data
Check-in Efficiency
Matching Errors

Benefits of AIMe

The Right Patient
Reduces patient misidentification and protects against identity fraud

The Right Records
Eliminates duplicate, overlay records and mismatched records
Quality Data
Eliminates "garbage in and garbage out" by diminishing keystroke & interpretation errors
Workflow Automation
Eliminates manual entry, search, and validation processes at check-in

Eliminates obstacles with disparate healthcare IT systems

Payment Visibility
Minimize breakage along the payment cycle


  • man3

    As a possible value based ACO pilot for New York State, we’re using LifeMed ID’s technology to evolve with healthcare. Medicare is moving to a value based model and the only way to evolve with this kind of model is by having the ability to track quality, cost and patient satisfaction. LifeMed ID is providing an effective means of addressing these issues, while allowing us to seamlessly expand our network to better serve the needs of our growing patient population.

    Raul Vazquez, M.D., President and CEO | Greater Buffalo United Accountable Healthcare Network
  • man1

    LifeMed ID is the foundation for the integration of disparate health IT systems and clinics. We are able to register and integrate into CPSI and HIS systems from LifeMed ID without having to go back to change the information. Any CPSI hospital that has financial classes and admission codes can very easily drop down into LifeMed ID’s administration tables and be off and running with minimal amount of training.

    John Stoy, former CIO | Mid Coast Health Services
  • man3

    I’ve participated in industry standard development in the past, however, no one was pushing for them to be implemented. When in the absence of the federal government creating such standards, the industry has to lead these changes. LifeMed ID can help tremendously with these proliferation's.

    Nancy Farrington, CHAM, FHAM,EMPI Administrator, Health Information Management
reduction in claim denial rate
reduction in average admission time
ID's issued daily during product launch
patient volume increase with no additional staff investment

Know the Facts

Duplicate Records

account for 8-10% of all patient records and it costs approximately $50 to reconcile each.

Over 2 million Americans suffered

from medical identity theft last year, costing victims $13,500 to resolve.

Delayed check in time

drastically effects patient satisfaction and Press Ganey scores which impacts your reimbursement.