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Our Core Focus

LifeMedID’s comprehensive identity platform ensures individuals are accurately known at every interaction within your environment

  • Patient ID

    To ensure that patients are accurately identified at all points of care. Through the use of a unique ID, patients can travel throughout the care continuum seamlessly.

  • Validation

    To ensure that a patient is who they claim to be and their demographic information is correct at the point of check-in.

  • Record Linkage

    To provide a link between a patient's ID and their records to ensure that providers are always referencing the correct information.

  • Mobile Enablement

    Providing accurate solutions that are flexible and reliable.

Leaders in innovative solutions with Positive Identity at the core

Today's identification challenges are extensive, with some of the largest drivers being fraud and safety. Accurate identification and record matching has a consequential impact on people as they travel through the places where they need to be properly identified and it additionally has a significant impact on operational expenses.

Our solutions provides absolute certainty that every person is accurately identified at all points of care, allowing organizations to confidently welcome people and successfully manage their identity.

Benefits of LifeMed ID

The Right Record
Reduces misidentification and protects against identity fraud

The Right Records
Eliminates duplicate, overlay records and mismatched records
Quality Data
Eliminates "garbage in and garbage out" by diminishing keystroke & interpretation errors
Workflow Automation
Eliminates manual entry, search, and validation processes at check-in

Eliminates obstacles with disparate IT systems

Payment Visibility
Minimize breakage along the payment cycle