Patients with a single identity in healthcare

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The ins and outs of patient ID

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Revolutionizing care delivery

The right patient every time

while optimizing your existing administrative processes

Validated Demographics

Ensures that the patient is who they say they are; reducing opportunities for fraud

Authoritative Digital ID

Provides digital identity methods that authenticate a patient once by assigning an identity token and ensuring that their information is automatically recognized and secure at all points of care

Streamlined Registration

Increases patient satisfaction, provides time and cost savings, and increases the accuracy of patient data

Right Patient, Right Record

Electronically matches each patient to the correct medical record ensuring that the physician has the right record for care, always

LifeMed ID provides a leading edge identity solution with robust workflow automation, dynamic reporting, and customizable functionalities to enable an error-free, streamlined electronic registration that is optimized for your facility and your patients.


Patient Identity

Accurate patient identity is the foundation of enhanced patient management best practices. We provide identity proofing services at the point of admission to prevent misidentification, medical identity fraud, and erroneous data collection.

Connected Care

Our platform communicates with and connects disparate systems using HL7 integration to provide a seamless network workflow where accessing, updating, and processing patient data remains up-to-date at all points of care.

Privacy & Security

Our cloud-based technology is up-to-date with U.S. SSL Protocol and complies with HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI DSS, and supports standards, regulations, and best practices for privacy and security.

Operational Efficiency

LifeMed ID solution reduces manual intake processes through an automated workflow that authenticates a patient’s identity and links it to the correct medical record in seconds, resulting in unprecedented registration accuracy.

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